Din Abrasion Testing Machine  

Abrasion Tester electrically operated with single phase motor, reduction gearbox. The machine is used to determining abrasion resistance of a cylindrical rubber specimen against abrasive cloth mounted on a cylindrical drum. The machine is made according to German Standard DIN 53516.

Taber Type Abrasion Tester  
Repeatable precision in abrasion testing
Invented  by  Taber  in  the  early  1930’s,  the  Taber  abrasion  is  an  industry  standard  used  in  the  wear  and  durability  testing  of  ceramics,  plastic,  textiles,  metals,  leather,  rubber,  flooring,  and  painted,  acquired  and  electro-plated  surface,  such  testing  aids  in
1) Research & Development
2) Process Control 
3) Quality  Assurance.