A Pneumatic Specimen Press(cutter) for cutting flat and soft paper, rubber, plastic materials into samples or standard shape specimen. Testing Machine of Pneumatic Specimen Press is able to coordinate with various cutters to cut them into samples or into standard shape specimen. Ready for tensile resistant test, tearing test, elongation, aging, sample, and other tester. This tester is suitable for soft material such as paper, rubber, soft plastic, polyfoam, etc.. Pneumatic specimen press takes advantage of pneumentic compress to provides an automated media force to give a easy and clean cutting enviroment foe specimen preparation v. This test product can meet your testing requirement and supply solutions of problems.

Specification :


Suitable Material: Rubber, soft plastic, leather, etc.


Area of Pressing Plate: dia. 148mm

Stroke : 100 mm

Output : 1000 kg

Power Source : Air compressor, about 7 kg/cm²

Attachment: Cushion board one piece.

Safety shield provided to eliminate accidents
Pressure Gauge with filter and solenoid valve is provided

Electric Power for safety shield operation : 220-230VAC.

Dimension: 30×40×60(h)cm

Weight: 50 kg

Feature: Easy to operate, energy saving, time saving.