Elmendrof Tearing Strength Tester is used to determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, paper or board, with suitable pendulum.

Technical Specifications


STECH tearing strength Tester Determines the Tearing Strength of fabrics, papers, plastic films or other similar materials is determined by measurement of the work done in tearing through a fixed length of the test specimen using of Elmendorf Tear Tester. The Elmendorf Tearing Strength Tester consist a brass sector pendulum pivoted on anti-friction ball bearings on a vertical bracket fixed on a rigid metallic base. The test specimen in shape of a rectangular piece held between two clamps, one of which is mounted on the pendulum and the other is mounted on the vertical bracket. The clamps are mounted in such a manner that their holding faces are aligned with each other when the pendulum is locked in its raised position. The pendulum is released by lifting a release lever. This action causes the test specimen to tear right through. The tearing strength is indicated on a scale fitted on the pendulum against a low friction pointer pivoted on the axis of the pendulum. An adjustable knife is also mounted on the bracket on which the pendulum and the fixed clamp is mounted. It is centered between the two clamps and is used for making the initial Cut  in the test specimen. The apparatus is finished in metallic painting and bright chrome plating to give it corrosion resistant finish.
Augmenting weights for increasing the range of the tester for testing high strength materials are available as optional accessories. Low strength materials can be tested by mounting multiple specimens at the same time.

Technical Data
Capacity : 1600 g (can be increased to 3200/6400 gm)
Clamping surfaces of each clamp     : 36 mm wide x 16 mm high.
Distance between clamps     :

2.8 mm

Tearing distance     :

43 mm

Scale reading     :

0 – 100% of range

Related Standards
IS 6489 – 1971 : Method of determination of Tear Strength of woven textile fabrics by Elmendorf Tester
ASTM D 689    : For Internal Tearing Resistance of Paper.
ASTM D 1424   :

Tear Resistance of Woven Fabrics by Falling Pendulum (Elmendorf) Apparatus.

ASTM D 1922     :

Propagation Tear Resistance of Plastic Film and Thin Sheeting by Pendulum Method