Computerized Tensile Testing Machine (SE/UTM/3600)

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine provides two different load cell connectors to extend testing range with a precision result. This testing machine especially be used in weak raw material with a strong finished products. Floor type is most used for Cable, Wire, Screw parts and Textiles. We provide extensive range of Grips/Fixture, Load Cells, Extensometers alongwith excellent service backup. Its range is designed for quick and reliable Tensile, Compression, Flexure ( Bending ), Shear, Peel, Fatigue cycling and Constant Load tests on Metals, Composites, Alloys, Plastics, Elastomers, Textiles and finished products.


Testing Speed : 5 – 500mm
Horizontal Clearance     : 350mm
Vertical Clearance : 1200mm
Maximum distance indication : 1200mm & Least count 0.01mm or  0.1mm
Imported Ball Screw      : 2 Nos.
Load Cell         : 2 No.
Load Capacity    : Upto 20 Ton
Accuracy    : 0.1% of Indication Load or ± 0.05% of full scale
Speed Selection : Variable speed by selection
Grip for Tensile Test : 1 Set
Windows based Software   : I unit 
Software Configuration : Windows XP or Higher Version


Features of the UTM


The Tester is constructed in rigid MS body with double screws, plated parts and duly Powder Coated. Tester can carry our different tests upto specified load.  The test result will be showed in the display of the Controller and PC will be attached to the controller and  graph  will be plotted in Computer with the software provided, the result including a set of data can be stored or can take print out by attaching a printer to PC.

Features of the System

16 x 2 backlit LCD Display Micro controller based circuitry, Membrane key board for programming & operation.

Result Display of Tester includes
Peak Load : Flexural Stress
Peak Elongation : Flexural Modulus
Break Load : % Elongation at Peak Load
Break Elongation : %Elongation at Break Load
Tensile Strength : Tensile Strength at Peak Load
Tare facility for easy zeroing : Tensile Strength at Break Load
Auto stop and Auto reversal facility : Graph of Load vs Elongation
Computer Interface for Load vs. Elongation Graphical Presentation : Programming to Navigate through Menu
Software for Graphical Presentation : A. Time / Date setting
Young Modulus : B. Up / Down speed
Yield Stress : C. C. S Area
Yield Point : D. Other test related Data, ie Test No/ Batch No

Additional Grips

Scissor Type for Rubber Samples
Wedge Grip – Hardened serrated plates – 2ton capacity
Fixture for Compression Testing  (ASTM D 695)