Mechanical Tensile Testing Machine ( Model : SE/2000 )
Breaking Strength and Elongation
STECH ENGINEERS Mechanical Tensile Testing Machine is strong and accurate suitable for testing tensile strength and elongation of a wide range of materials like rubber, plastic, fabrics, leather, plywood, paper, wire, metal stripes etc. The machine is operated with single phase DC motor with variable speeds are selectable through electronic DC drive and controller. Elongation distance starting from 25mm to 800mm. provided various range of grips and accessories to meet varying test requirements available.
Variable speeds are selectable through Electronic DC drive and Controller ranging from 50mm to 500mm/min.
Fully SS lead screw and Cross Head Guide Rods.
Elongation measurement ranging upto 800mm.
Minimum Grip separation: 25mm.
Automatic stop at minimum and maximum traveling (upward and downward).
Accuracy within + 1% FSD.
Fully powder coated body for long period protection.
Power required: 220 – 230 V AC.
Required floor space: 32"L x 24"W x 72"H
Capacity Available
  50kgf., 100kgf., 250kgf., 500kgf., 1000kgf.
Internal Dial Range Least Count
0 to 50kgf 100grms
0 to 100kgf 200grms
0 to 250kgf 500grms